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The Dreaded Floors

Ok, so I already said when we bought this house I loved the layout. The thing I hated, no wait, that’s too nice, the thing I despised was the flooring. Cheap, WHITE carpet EVERYWHERE!!!! The only places we didn’t have carpet were the entry, the laundry room, kitchen, and kitchen nook. Yep, you read that right. I didn’t forget anything. We had WHITE carpet in both BATHROOMS!!!! AAAGGGHHHH!!!! It was horrible. The people that had the house built were an older couple that obviously didn’t have any young kids or pets. We have 2 kids and, at the time we moved in, 2 very large dogs.

One of the first things we did was rip that awful carpet out of both bathrooms and lay ceramic tile. We did the tile ourselves and I think we did pretty good. It was so nice to not have carpet around my toilets, especially in the kids bathroom!

We could not afford to overhaul the entire house so we had to live with the awful white (slowly turning beige) carpet for quite a few years. It didn’t matter what I did there were always stains. And, it didn’t matter what I used to try and get those stains out, it didn’t work (trust me I tried everything). I was so embarrassed by our carpet I didn’t want people to come over, except our good friends because they didn’t care.

A good friend of ours came to our rescue! His father owns a flooring shop (GED’s Floor Store) and he was able to get us a family/friend discount. Yay! So, we decided take the plunge and just get it done. We chose to go with laminate. I love wood but don’t want to have to deal with the upkeep, especially with kids and dogs (oh did I mention we now have 3 dogs AND we foster dogs as well!). It’s a very rustic looking laminate that has texture which is awesome. In other words, it hides dirt and dust perfectly! Disgusting I know but come on, you know you want the same kind of floor! We all SAY we will vacuum every day but do we really? Anyway, I wanted our house to flow and look more cohesive so we decided the ceramic tile (not the bathrooms we did) needed to come out. Plus, that tile is cheap, ugly and the grout made it always look dirty. We decided we still wanted carpet in the bedrooms so we picked out a soft, cushy, DARKER carpet and really nice padding to go under it.

After everything was picked out, it was time for demo!!! Oh my gosh I have to admit, ripping that ugly carpet out was so invigorating! I might have enjoyed it just a little. I think my husband was happy to see it go too because one day while we were ripping it out I had to leave and pick our daughter up from practice. When I got home, this is what I saw….

The kids got a big kick out of that. I have already mentioned in other posts how when builders build these houses they do it as cheaply as possible so they can make the biggest profit. Well, they went REALLY cheap on the padding under this carpet. It was pretty much non-existent! Seriously, about 2cm thick. Pitiful.

I won’t bore you with all the details of how we tore out all the baseboards as well. Just know, demo was a lot more work than I thought, but I kind of enjoyed it.

Then came the HARDEST part, tearing out the ceramic tile. I love that my husband is so handy and can do a lot of this stuff on his own! I also love that we have sweet friends that offered to take over when my husband had had enough. He rented a machine from Home Depot to tear out the tile. It was grueling, back breaking work. We even brought the hose inside the house to spray a mist over the area he was working on to try and get rid of some of the dust it caused (and oh boy was that ever fun to clean up!). I don’t know how but we got all the ceramic tile torn out and cleaned up in one day. I don’t EVER want to have to do that again and I wasn’t even the one using the machine, I got to be the clean up crew that shoveled all the broken tile and debris into the wheelbarrow and onto the trailer. Not fun.

We laid all of the laminate ourselves. Again, I love that my hubby can do this kind of stuff. It saved us a ton of money. He also replaced all the baseboards on his own (I still have to caulk and paint them all). I am in love with these floors I tell you! Best decision we ever made. It makes our house look and feel so much bigger! Everyone that has come over says they can’t get over how big our house feels (which is good because it’s not!).




A few days after we were done with the laminate we had the guys from the carpet store lay the carpet for us in the bedrooms. Oh my gosh! It’s like walking on clouds! I am in love. The kids were at school when they did the carpet and when they came home they both just laid on it and made “snow angels” saying how soft it was.


This was probably the biggest DIY we have ever done. We’ve done some big ones but this one takes the cake. Our house was a disaster for weeks. When your “crew” works a full time job it takes a while. Although it was tough I am so pleased with the results and so glad we did it.

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