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The Dreaded Floors

Ok, so I already said when we bought this house I loved the layout. The thing I hated, no wait, that’s too nice, the thing I despised was the flooring. Cheap, WHITE carpet EVERYWHERE!!!! The only places we didn’t have carpet were the entry, the […]

Kitchen Cabinet Redo

Oh my gosh can I just say how much I HATE the plain stock, oak cabinets that builders put in houses!!! I mean I get it, they are trying to make the house for as cheap as possible so they can make as much profit […]

Playroom Overhaul

When we bought this house my favorite part was the layout. The kids basically have one side of the house and my husband and I have the other. On the kids side, they have their bathroom and playroom in the middle and a bedroom on each side. It really is the perfect set up if you have 2 kids. When we moved in our kids were 3 and 6. Now they are 8 and 11! In order to serve our kids in the life stage they are at now, this room needs a major overhaul! It’s no longer really needed for toys. The toys they do have fit in their rooms now. It needs to be a space to hang out, do home work, watch TV, and work on hobbies (which they don’t have many at the time, but that is another topic).

Right now we have a huge (and I mean HUGE) TV stand/armoire that we got for FREE from someone in our neighborhood. I just had to add a few coats of paint and destress it and it was good to go. It has tons of storage which is nice. One side contains video games and art/craft supplies (not that my kids are really in to that any more but being a crafty person myself I just can’t get rid of it!), the other board games and puzzles that don’t get used nearly enough. On the bottom there is storage for blankets, DVD, VHS tapes (yes, we still have those and yes we still watch them when the VCR works) and science supplies (again, don’t get used nearly as much as I would like).

The couch is O-L-D!!! I’m talking it belonged to my parents when I was growing up OLD! It’s so comfortable but so ugly! And the cushions are starting to rip (can’t imagine why I mean it’s only about 25 years old!) so I am thinking it might be time to part with it.

We have a table and chairs and a rolling cart to hold more craft and homework needed items.

On the other wall we have a tall bookshelf that came from our very first house as well as some green lockers from IKEA. The walls are 3 different colors!!! What was I thinking????

So, this room is in need of an overhaul, but it MUST be done on a budget. No millionaires here! Just average, middle class family working our tails off to make ends meet. I have a few ideas (obviously paint these walls, but what color???) but I am hoping to get input from family, friends and YOU! I am totally new to this blogging thing but would love to get some opinions from readers and other bloggers on what I could/should do to make this room more “tween” friendly and functional. So, ready, set, go! Let the ideas flood in! I’m hoping to take some of my own ideas mixed with the ideas of friends, family and readers and then overhaul this room and post the after results. I’m so excited!

Here is what we NEED in this room:
– table and chairs (for homework, projects, weekend breakfasts in front of the TV, etc)
– couch (preferably a sleeper sofa of some sort, we don’t have a guest room!)
– TV cabinet (keep it or get rid of it? doesn’t really function with today’s TVs but provides out of site storage which I love)
– paint colors (the rest of our house is the tan color of the 2 side walls with lots of turquoise thrown in; I love the farmhouse look but this is a room for 2 tweens!)
– organization ideas (better use of the bookshelf, lockers and rolling cart)
– personality!!!! (this room is for kids but it’s so BORING!)

So, if you have ideas please share away! And remember, we are on a very tight budget!Thanks so much and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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